Friday, December 21, 2012

Predicting the Future of Collective Consciousness

What is not generally appreciated in the scientific world
is how vital it is for us to know our eventual destination

Major Religions have always appreciated how important the end game is
and how belief in a Divinely Designed future affects present ethical behavior

The advances of  science over the centuries
has gradually introduced  a general atheistic attitude
bringing great advances in technology on one hand
and an alarming loss of future orientation on the other
as a result modern behavior is becoming increasingly aimless
bringing on a virtual pandemic of psycho-somatic illnesses
and dysfunctional behavior
all symptomatic of spiritual ennui

The Psyche-Genetic Theorem
produces a mathematical equation
which inludes consciuousness
as a vital element in nuclear theory
it proves
that there is a distinctive pattern of  evolutionary correlation
between the seven stages of individual consciousness maturation
and the maturation of the collective consciousness
and that this equation can accurately predict
the time and duration of future mass shifts of maturing consciousness

Psyche-Genetic Therapy
unites the soul with science
emphasizing spiritual ethics
as a guide to correct technological application

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