Sunday, December 02, 2012

How Consciousness Works in Patterns

Yesterday I sent out an email
outlining a yet to be complete thesis
on how the brain works

In it I began explaining that the brain works
via the recognition of survival patterns
which reveal future outcomes
and then adopts those which reveal a secure future outcome
with the highest degree if certainty

on the surface
it would seem ideal if all patterns ended in certain survival security
but then evolution would have no dynamic
and we would still be bits of algae scum
floating around in a primeval tidal pool
or at best
still primates swinging from vines

Quantum mechanics reveals that here are no certainties
only high degrees of probabilities
plagued by small degrees of uncertainty

it is that element of uncertainty
which forces changes in patterns of survival
which then forces us to alter our customary patterns
and adapt to each new paradigm

small uncertainties happen all the time
and disrupt the pattern  of every day in our lives
when we rise in every morning
and go through our routines
of preparing for work
sending the kids to school
battling the traffic
dealing with in-pile on the work desk
commuting back home
getting supper ready
making sure the kids do their homework
watching TV
and going to bed

for the vast bulk of mankind
this daily pattern is adopted
because of the certainty
of a pay check at the end of the month
it keeps the kids at school
puts the food on the table
keeps a shelter over head
and energy in the light bulb

the small degree of uncertainties
that interrupt the daily pattern of security
may be a traffic pileup on the freeway
making us late for work
a kid may have an accident
the car breaks down

the more astute have factored these into their patterns
and deal with them methodically
the less astute suffer accordingly

our greatest fear is always chaos
total disruption of the customary pattern

every now and then our pattern of survival
is interrupted by a greater degree of uncertainty
we get fired from the job
we get divorced
a parent or child gets killed

those who factored this degree of chaos
cope more or less effectively
and soon restructure their pattern
those who have blind-sided themselves
against the uncertainty principle
can fall into depression

all of the above takes a nominal degree of survival genius
96% of us operate and cope at this nominal degree of intelligence
throughout life

3% are phenomenal geniuses
they are the ones that see and help create the larger patterns of survival
which allow the rest of us to collect that paycheck at the end of the month
who run for  government
who invent new technologies
who inspire us with great art

but even here the uncertainty principle
has the capacity to disrupt the larger pattern
the ripple effect of which
disrupts the lives of  whole groups of society

a corporation goes bankrupt
the nation goes to war
massive natural disasters
all create degrees of chaos

those 3% that have factored the larger scope of the uncertainty principle
onto their patters
cope effectively
those who have not
loose their high positions
and those reliant on them suffer accordingly

the remaining 1% of humanity are our metaphysical geniuses
they are the immortals who design and set the patterns
that engage entire cultures for thousands of years
and allow them to grow strong and prosper in Empires

but even at this scale
the uncertainty principle remains inexorably operable

species survival operates under strict Natural Laws
its success in regional environment
results in exponential population growth
which causes environmental stress
under existing patterns of behavior
'forcing a mass change of behavior
which manifests in
revolutionary social reformations
global wars
massive religious reformations

it is these great catastrophic uncertainties
that have moved the mass of mankind
from Stone Age hunter/gatherer/Animistic patterns of survival;
to Bronze Age agricultural/Shamanistic patterns
Iron Age industrial/Scripture patterns
on into
the current Steel Age scientific/Protestant patterns
that all of us enjoy today

but once again
populations pressures on a stressed global environment
is forcing the uncertainty principle into play

those cultures who factor this reality into their pattern of survival
will be able to adjust and adapt to the mass shift of conscious behavior
those who do not
will suffer accordingly

the problem facing our entire specie today
is that not one of the five great cultures
has properly factored in the mass uncertainty
that certainly lies ahead of us

where ever we care to look
the uncertainty principle prevails
yet we stick to existing patternsof behavior
which we all know cannot secure the future

In the United Sates alone
the disaster in New Orleans is still not properly repaired
the latest catastrophe on the East Coast is still in chaos
nether of these disasters penetrated more than a few miles inland

when the San Andreas earthquake goes
hundreds of miles in every direction will be in chaos

In the Middle East
an almost certain nuclear war is brewing
like the Zealots
Israeli soldiers are sworn-in
on top of Masada
to commit mass suicide
rather than give in

With the collapse of colonialism
much of Africa is embroiled in genocidal chaos

In South America
the Amazon is being systemically destroyed

in South Africa
seven million disarmed white colonials
live out monthly patterns
refusing to factor in the uncertainty
that the armed majority of the nation
in a  supposed democracy;
are still deeply entrenched in tribal affiliations
and that no Government can function indefinitely
without catering to increasing tribal demands
at the expense of the whole

the globe is warming up
when the super-volcano under Yellowstone erupts
the entire globe will be enveloped in a cloud of ash

none of these uncertainties
are factored into the United Nations emergency responses

we are all waiting
for the ONE
that one individual member of that 1% of metaphysicians
who set the pattern for survival
for the 5thj Great Shift of conscious behavior
in the new paradigm of the Nuclear Age

The thesis on Psyche-Genetics
reveals a subtle pattern of our species survival strategy
one that outlines and delineates the entire cycle of human evolution
from the beginning of the 1st conscious cell
to the final state transcendental Cosmic Consciousness
 that lies three Ages of development ahead of us

It revels exactly how and why we must
and will resolve our cultural differences
and evolve into a Nuclear Age
of responsible global stewardship
and ontological spirituality that puts and end to holy wars

and then
in a Solar Age
how we will evolve to Terra form
our neighbor planets and moons

and finally
in a Cosmic Age
our advanced state of Transcendental Consciousness
will spawn into the Cosmos

the book is free on the internet

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